Your technical docs, beautifully integrated

Breathe is a Sphinx plugin providing beautifully integrated Doxygen output in your user-facing documentation. It allows you to combine Doxygen's excellent technical understanding of your code base with the superb long form documentation output of the Sphinx system.

The project works as a bridge between Doxygen's XML output and Sphinx's reStructuredText-based API. As a user, you run Doxygen in a manner configured to generated XML files and then you include Breathe-specific reStructuredText directives in your Sphinx documents that are used to reference data from the XML. When running your Sphinx build, the XML is read and processed into clean, clear, easy to read and well integrated technical documentation in your Sphinx build output.

We are the organisation that supports and develops the Breathe project.



The Breathe source code is hosted on GitHub.

The Breathe documentation can be found on Read the Docs.


If you benefit from using Breathe as a company or an individual, you can financially support the Breathe project with recurring or one off contributions via Open Collective.

Through sponsorship, you can support the maintainers in the important work of adding new features, implementing performance improvements and keeping up to date with changes in the evolving Sphinx API.